Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Borden County, TX now available!

Borden County, Texas documents are now available on Countyrecords.com! This includes over 28,000 documents back to 1880! 

This county has limited search capabilities:

  • For dates 08/28/1880 thru 04/09/1959, searches are by Volume/Page only. These are Deed Books 1 thru 79.
  • For dates 08/01/2015 thru current, searches are by Instrument Number only.
  • We are working to obtain documents between the above dates.

If you are a current user of Countyrecords.com you can register for this database as follows:
  • Login to Countyrecords.com.
  • Click the "add/remove a county" link in the upper right.
  • Select a billing plan for Borden County, TX.
  • Click the Save Billing Plan button at the very bottom.