Wednesday, March 27, 2019 Spring News has had an incredibly busy first 3 months of the year! We've added five new counties and increased the depth to several others. It all adds up to over FIVE MILLION NEW DOCUMENTS at your fingertips! Here are some of the highlights.

New Counties now available!

  • Coleman County TX - 21,000 documents back to December 2008.
  • Jasper County TX - over 218,000 documents back to 1988.
  • Taylor County TX - over 1 million documents back to 1880.
  • Tyler County TX - 86,000 documents back to November 2004.
  • Zapata County TX - we've replaced our old Zapata database with a new, improved version that includes property searches and will receive regular updates. It goes back to 1997 with over 58,000 documents.

Coverage expansion

  • Culberson County TX - Grantor/Grantee searches now go back to 1974! Additionally, you can search by Volume/Page back to 1911.
  • Johnson County TX - now includes records from 1958-1983 and from November, 1989 forward. We will be filling the 1984-1989 gap as soon as possible.
  • Lavaca County TX - now includes records back to July 1988.
  • Pecos County TX - Deed Records have been posted back to 1980.

Up next...

  • Van Zandt County TX

Here's how you add a new county:
  1. Login to
  2. Click "add/remove a county".
  3. Select a billing plan for the county.
  4. Click "Save Billing Plan" at the bottom.
The system will ask you to log in again, at which point you can begin searching the database.